Release 272 - February 2024

This release is jam packed with implemented Community product suggestions!! :tada: Thank you everyone for you input and helping to improve Tulip every day :smile:

Here they are:

  1. Display bug: paste Trigger from @ChrisF - Fixed an issue where newly added step-level or app-level triggers would not be displayed right away.

  2. Add ability to open a trigger from an URL from @sebme - We’ve added supports for linking to a Trigger directly. You can share these links in order to open a trigger directly.

  3. & 4. Get access to user data record from @Nicolas & Export User - Add role field from @youri.regnaud - On the Workspace page, users are able to generate and download a CSV using the list of users.

  4. Option to fix objects postions from @axelw - On the apps page, widgets will not move when they are clicked on - reducing risk for accidentally moving widgets when not intending to

  5. Bug: r270 - station details are too small from @ChrisF - On the Stations page, users can expand the Stations and Station Groups details pane to the left. This improves user experience.