Export User - Add role field

When you export users (Setting/Users) it will be great to export also role in csv. This field can help us to analyse Tulip platform usage (number of operator, builder, …)

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Hi @youri.regnaud, we will consider this. Also, we are looking to provide the analytics you mention about users directly in the platform. Are there any other user metrics you would be interested in?

Number of User by role, by shopfloor, by period
Number of Active users / Inactive users
Number of Stations / Number of Active Stations by Stations Group, by ShopFloor, by period
Number of gateways/ machines by Shopfloor, by period
Number of applications by approval status, by app groups, by ShopFloor, …
Global number of completion by apps approval status
Number of function request by function, connector, application, period, …

All these KPI can help us to monitor the platform and show to our sponsors « Digitalization KPI »

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