Export Table from Player

Hey Tulip Team,

One feature request that would be extremely useful is to have the ability to export a Tulip Table from within the player rather than only having that feature available in the design platform.

While designing apps, I try to incorporate everything I can so the end users don’t have to use the app design platform for their tasks. A prime example of this was when filters were added to embedded analytics so end users could manipulate analytics within the app to view what they needed.

Sometimes end users need to export table data for their needs. It would be great if they could do this directly within an app through a button trigger.

Since the majority of the programming for this is probably there already since this function exists within the Tulip Tables, this might be a quick win to incorporate as a trigger action under tables to export table as a csv.

Even further, it would be nice to have an option inside the trigger to either export all records or to only export filtered records (in case there are filters on the embedded tables to restrict access to only certain records).

Thank you,

Eric Singer

Hey Eric, thanks for sharing. What do users want to do with the CSV after they export it? And when you say “end users”, do you mean operators on your shop floor or somebody else?

Hey Kevin,

By end users, I mean the operators on the shop floor or supervisors that don’t need/have access to the design platform, but have operator roles.

Depending on the app, there are different reasons why people have requested this export function.

For a Training Manager app that I made, the HR manager and shop floor supervisors at that plant want a way to easily export all training records for audit purposes.

For a Batch Sheet app that I made, the process engineers on the team want a way to easily export all batch sheet records for side-projects where their specific analytics are either not embedded already or require a higher level analytics tool.

These are just a couple examples that I’ve run into recently.

As a side-note, related to this feature request, the ability to query and join multiple tables together is still not possible in Tulip, so in the meantime, being able to easily export multiple tables from within the app would allow operators to join and manipulate data when needed.

Thank you,


Node-Red can help! Create a flow that call Table API and transform payload in file format. You can after trigger this flow from Tulip app with a simple HTTP connector. Hope it helps