Import and Export Functions for User Tables

Hey Tulip,

You have the ability on normal Tables to import from .csv and export to .csv.

It would be deeply helpful to add that same functionality to the custom User Table fields.

I know you wouldn’t be able to append new records because that would require actually adding additional users, but it would be super helpful to have the ability to export that table, mass update those fields, and import it to overwrite/modify the custom table fields for only records that exists.

It would also be helpful to add a search field on the custom user field table. You have that search feature for the main User menu, but don’t have one after you click into the custom user table fields.

Thank you!

Eric Singer

Hey Eric, importing the user table is a great idea, especially because when users get started with Tulip, they probably have training data in an LMS or HR system. We may develop this in the next few months as more enterprise customers get started with Tulip.

Exporting the user table will arrive in the next release, r201.

As for searching the user table, we need to implement that more generically because it is a problem on normal tables as well! So those will likely happen at the same time.