APIs for User lookups

Hi there,
We are exporting some data out of Tulip tables via API, and found that the user field appears as the user’s ID in the record. We’d really like to access the name associated with the user, and some possible ways are:

  • Get records from the ssers table (doesn’t seem possible with the current API, as the users table doesn’t show up in the list of tables)
  • Query against a Users api using the id (like a GetUserById)
  • GetRecords API returns user using the name (probably bad for backwards compatibility)

For now, we can workaround by downloading the Users table CSV, but would love to have this available via API. Thanks!

Hi Fifi, I am the product manager for our governance features. Happy to help with this. What release are you on? We recently released an improvement where you can export the user and userID data in one export, and I wanted to see if it is already available on your instance.

I think Fifis intention is to access the user name via tulip table API and not the user ID when the column is of type user. Currently the API returns the user ID as a string which is not helpfull.

Agreed, Oliver. I think the long-term approach we will take here is to create a proper Users API (beyond the current Operators API). I dont have a delivery date yet, but a Users API would help in multiple places, and we are currently planning this out.