User Table Enhancements - Enable Queries & Aggregations & Analytics

I’d like to be able to run queries, aggregations, and analyses on the User Table content. Obvious use cases that come to mind would be to generate email or SMS distribution lists, check for abberant unique values, and provide dashboards to make user activity visible to non-admin folks.

Got it, Jim, keep the great ideas coming :muscle:

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Based on this suggestion, @Beth can you confirm that there’s no way to do a Query on the User Table? If that’s the case, how would you use the Custom Fields if there’s no way to look up the information? The use case I am trying to use is to have a unique ID (sort of like the Badge ID) which is assigned to the user and I need to look up that Unique ID associated with the User object type.

Hi @gbzOA !

Currently you cannot do a query on the User Table like you can a normal Tulip Table. The custom fields could still be helpful, however, because you can access them in trigger logic when interacting with the User Table and or you can use them to store information about each user for reference.

However, if you want to lookup an associated ID for a specified user, it may be best to make a Tulip table with the user information and then you can use queries and aggregations to do that (but I understand that is a not necessarily an ideal workaround, and the Tulip Team is looking into this product suggestion!)

Got it, thanks for the explanation!

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I wanted to follow up here that I was able to create a Custom Widget that passed in the User object type and then output the ID which is part of the user javascript object.

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@gbzOA thats awesome!! Thank you for sharing your workaround here. If you are willing to share the actual Custom Widget you made, that could be really helpful for other Community members. We have a Show and Tell - Tulip Community category and you could post the code directly or upload the CW file directly if you’d like :slight_smile: