Vote for the next Public Tulip API

Hey everyone! My name is Josh and an employee at Tulip. I’m a long-time listener, first-time poster. I want to know which of the following potential new APIs you as a user would find the most valuable. You can select up to three and if you don’t see the one you have in mind listed below then please post it in the comments!

Thanks and happy building!

  • Analytics API: an API to create, edit, and export Analytics
  • Apps API: an API to configure Apps at scale, as well as perform CRUD operations on Apps
  • Automations API: an API to configure and trigger Automations remotely
  • Completions API: an API to read, update, and delete App Completions
  • Library API: an API to create, edit, and delete Libraries across Instances and Workspaces
  • Site Configuration API: a set of APIs to configure settings for an Instance of Tulip
  • Users API: an API to configure Users on an instance of Tulip
  • Other API: Post about it in the comments!
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Other API: an API to configure machines and machine attributes to reduce implementation time and provides a mechanism to ensure automation system configurations are staying in sync with Tulip machines


100% :raised_hands: Highly support this one too!


I agree with Jesse, this could be a real game changer for scaling

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Oh yes! Machines Types, Machines, Machines mapping and attributes.


An API to set downtime reasons for machines ?


An API to read, edit Machine Activity - to be able Status and Downtime reasons in the past.