Additions to the Tulip API, Export an Applications JSON and Import an APP

Would be nice to be able to export the json for a tulip app through the API. As well as being able to import an app.

@mellerbeck Thanks for the suggestion! We’re currently in the middle of a rewrite of our import/export APIs (mostly performance oriented, but also working to expose import/export for connectors, table schemas, etc). Once we wrap that up, we’re planning to expose those APIs as part of our public API. A bit further down the line, we’re also planning to expose APIs for getting and editing apps directly.

@mellerbeck Also, just curious – what would you like to use the import/export API for?

Some feedbacks about more API in Tulip.

Connectors functions API can be use to automate functions creation based on OpenAPI specifications and ensure function harmonization.

Machines and machine type API can be use to create from edge device with metadata ressources in Tulip

JSON linter (Spectral) can be also use to check apps naming convention, functions, …

I would use it to automate this script :slight_smile: Tulip App Info script

Then maybe there should be an API that directly delivers more data about the apps. Maybe as an extend function on the App Folder API.

Definitely agree on the App API. We’re working on extending the App Folder API right now, then will start adding app actions to it as well.

@mellerbeck Thanks for sharing – cool use of it! Just as a heads up, that zip format is going to change at some point in the next 6 months. We don’t consider the format part of our public API and aren’t going to be able to maintain backwards compatibility there.

Thanks for the heads up! No worries, figured it might change in the future