Ability to see where connector functions are used

Our list of connector functions is starting to get a little out of control - I know some are obsolete but I have no easy way of seeing where they might be in use.


Bump. Any thoughts on whether this might be a possibility? There must be a list existing somewhere if the app automatically brings the correct functions with it when being imported to another instance…

Hey Brian, sorry for missing the first one.

There are two projects that we are planning around this:

  1. Ability to “save” connector functions after you edit them and not affect any production apps
  2. Better views of the connections between assets throughout the product

Either of these will solve the problem, and we are planning on doing at least one of them in the first half of 2021!


No worries, and both of those sound great, thanks for the update!

Hey Kevin,

Any updates on what the timeline or roadmap for connector functions might look like?

Hey Bryan, no updates yet. Will update this thread when we have committed to an approach!

We start to use export application function for published apps to analyze JSON app definition and retrieve functions use in app with JSON query. Hope it can help

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Hi Youri,

Can you expand on what you mean by this? And is this specific to HTTP connectors?