List of connectors and where used (exact steps) within an application

It would be nice to have a list of all of the steps where a connector is used, similar to how variables and table records are used. This would help in updating the apps when we update a connector. Right now, we need to click through all of the steps and open triggers to see where they are.

I agree. But I would specify it on the connector function level…

If you have a change in an connector, you will find the Apps but not the exact locations to adopt. This could take hours or even days to fix.

As a workaround for connector functions that only delivers data to an app, you could use the Variable(s) that get values from the connector to find the usage in the app.
However this only works for a small proportion of cases…

@RDuke If you have to do this often, it will help if you learn to parse the app JSON file. You can download a massive JSON of an app’s contents and then Ctrl + F for the Connector ID. It’s still not ideal, but much better than manual.

If you don’t already have this feature, you will have to talk to the Tulip team about getting import/export turned on.


Pretty we can do a lot more by using this app JSON file! Control apps, harmonize variable naming, detect bad design, …?

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None of this is helpful for trying to renew my cna license. I don’t understand why no one responds and my license is going to expire because of this program that I can not log on to . This makes no sense!

@evancuriel801 are you sure, you answered in the correct Thread?

@danielpomeranz, this topic of working w/ app JSON files has come up a few times in the past few days. Maybe there’s some education content in there :wink:

We did this Tulip App Info, little skunkworks project – Michael Ellerbeck to help us answer this question. I do hear the json format might change FWIW

That’s the whole idea. In large organizations, triggering actions in a DevOps pipeline to analyze the JSON of applications before they go into production would be very useful. A JSON linter like Spectral: Open Source API Description Linter | Stoplight makes it easy to manage JSON validation rules. By give access to Apps API with full JSOn, Event/call Webhook when some key changes are done one the plateform, … can leverage clients or ecosystem to build this link of advanced apps control/verification.