Visualization of internal app processes

Hi all,
is it possible to visualize the internal app processes like connector calls, if…then clauses etc?
I saw a graph short time before but can’t find it again.

The objective is to document the internal app structure.
What’s the best way and what tools do I need?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF, we have built a flow editor similar to what you’ve described here, but it’s limited to the Automations editor at the moment. In the long term, we’re working on bringing more of this type of visual logic building to the core trigger editor experience.

In the meantime, @sebme, you built a pretty impressive flow modeler yourself. Any insights to share?

At present the best you can do is export the app and then work your way through the JSON structure :smiley:

clever! I like that a lot.

I have noch experience with JSON and exporting an app. So, where can I find this function?
There are a few websites for visualization of JSON files which I’ll try.

REgards Chris

Hello Chris,

for the time being until Tulip implements some native capabilities - which are not yet there - you will have to figure this out yourself.

It requires programming skills. It’s probably nothing you would be able to pull off in a few minutes/hours without prior experience.

Please don’t expect a step by step instruction manual at this point.

What you will need:

  • a good understanding of JSON data structures
  • knowledge of JS (or similar) functions to manipulate and ingest JSON objects
  • knowledge of how to use any open source graphing library to turn the objects into a diagram programmatically

Also, you will need to have access to the app export file.

This us as much as I’m able to share.

Hope it helps.

Oh, and one more remark: pasting the JSON into some off-the-shelf tool for display will not do it unless you can define some complex interpretation logic within that visualisation tool.