Edit Existing Connectors

I’m not seeing the “Add” buttons when I choose to Edit an existing Connector. What am I doing wrong?

hello @bscott, the reason you’re not seeing the add button is because you’ve already saved the Function. if you create a new Function or duplicate this Function, you’ll see the Add buttons show up again.

let me know if this helps!!

So there’s no way to edit an existing function?

you can adjust the query itself (as it’s SQL), but you cannot add Inputs/Outputs. this is to prevent issues when the Function is being used in an app.

So the triggers in my apps that are using my existing connector (let’s call it “A”) will now have to be pointed to a new connector (let’s call it “B”, ie, the copy of A that was modified)?

that’s correct @bscott.

while pointing everything to the new function does create additional work to get set up, it prevents potential issues if an Input/Output is added, changed or removed and is being used in an app. hope this helps!!

Ok, so If I change the names will it still require me to update the apps. For example: If my current connector is “A” and I make a copy of “A”, named “Copy of A”. If I makes changes to the copy then modify “A” to be named “A_v1” and rename “Copy of A” to “A”. Or are the connectors indexed and the name of the connector doesn’t actually matter?

Is there any way to see all the places an existing connector is used or do I have to hunt through all my app’s triggers? Thanks

hello @bscott,

that is not currently possible although there is a feature request for this: Ability to see where connector functions are used - #3 by kevin.kononenko, it would be great if you could add your thoughts in there!!

you can indeed name the functions whatever you’d like, renaming them will not replace them in the triggers.

hope this helps, let us know if you have further questions!!