Rework the connector UI

Hi all,

please rework the connector UI for better use:
Search icon still on the right top side
Bring the ability sorting the functions by name, last use, created date, … (persistent)
Include a search history (3-5 searches)
Don’t close the connector function by hitting “save” or “save changes” automatically.

I need to rework a lot of functions due to internal changes. Because all unsaved changes are lost if there’s a reload of the page, I often save the work. But then I need to scroll down to or search for the function again and again…

Regards Chris

Hey Chris-

Your feedback is super timely! We are actively working on updating these pages as we speak and will make sure we take this feedback into consideration.

We still have a few sprints of work before this will be ready for primetime, so it won’t be going live until ~March, but updates are coming!


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:sweat_smile: I actually never new there was a search function for connector functions…

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Hi @Pete_Hartnett

now it’s nearly May, the relaese r277.3 is out but the connector page (Table API, Data connector) is still different. Why was this not reworked too?


Hey @ChrisF -

We decided to delay shipping the Connectors list page until we can also address the functions list page (along with some work to improve how environments are exposed in the product). All of this work is nearing completion. We missed the initial march estimate just because we extended scope a bit, and identified some critical infastructure work we wanted to address ahead of LTS12.

A sneak peak of my Tulip instance, with this new UI enabled.



Nice, love seeing the “Automations used”. Any plan for adding the “Automations used” to the Tables page as well?