Rework the connector UI

Hi all,

please rework the connector UI for better use:
Search icon still on the right top side
Bring the ability sorting the functions by name, last use, created date, … (persistent)
Include a search history (3-5 searches)
Don’t close the connector function by hitting “save” or “save changes” automatically.

I need to rework a lot of functions due to internal changes. Because all unsaved changes are lost if there’s a reload of the page, I often save the work. But then I need to scroll down to or search for the function again and again…

Regards Chris

Hey Chris-

Your feedback is super timely! We are actively working on updating these pages as we speak and will make sure we take this feedback into consideration.

We still have a few sprints of work before this will be ready for primetime, so it won’t be going live until ~March, but updates are coming!


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:sweat_smile: I actually never new there was a search function for connector functions…

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