Add Output to API Connector

When we are developing an app, it’s a bit frustrating when we need to add output to our connectors. Would it be possible to have the possibility of adding outputs but not being able to remove them to avoid regressions?
Indeed, currently, we duplicate API connectors if we have to add only one output and so, we have a lot of API connectors.


We are cleary aligned with Guillaume.
Globally, there is no life cycle management about the function and connector as we can have on app.

In terms of best pratices about API management, add a new output or input is transparent for the client. This change does not force the client to re-deploy a new version.

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hello @Guillaume and @mathieu.rey, I definitely agree that having to duplicate Functions can be a frustrating and is cumbersome. especially when you only need to add an Output.

I will mention that by adding Outputs, issues could be caused to apps where the Function is used and the Variable is created. have you considered creating Functions with all the potential Outputs and only using the ones that are needed??

hi @gio ,

We have internaly a organisation to determine the most generic functions as much as it is possible.
Hovewer, function such as app has a lifecycle (evolution) that could be pushed by the app, the buiness or even the backend.
In addition, expose to much data as clear impact on time performance and data management on app.