Migrating an app to another instance

Is there a way to migrate finished app (with tables) to different tulip instance?

We have instance of tulip for development, testing and “know the environment” purposes and also we support larger company with their own instance. So we would not like to “spam” their instance with some temporary apps or tables.

I know that some things probably have to be configured when moving apps but I would like to now in general if migrating apps is possible and how.

Thank you.

hello @ermingut,

welcome to the Tulip Community!! would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet! so the Tulip team and other members can better assist you.

regarding your question, there is a beta feature (as you can see, being discussed here) that allows for importing/exporting apps. it sounds like you do indeed have a good use case for this, if you could send me (via DM) the 2 instances where you need this feature, I can enable it for you.

once again, welcome to the Tulip Community!!


Hi Gio.

Thank you for really fast response. I will DM you instance names. But for now it is enough for me that this is possible and can be executed or enabled at later date. I really wouldn’t want to create an app in development instance and then being stuck with it and no way to transfer it.