Tulip Office Hours 15MAR2021 [Release 203]

hello all,

join us for our next Tulip Office Hours focused on Release 203 that went live this past Sunday!!

here are the topics we’ll be covering before opening it up to Q&A:

  • Machine API: The addition of the Machine API opens many interesting use cases in Tulip, we’ll be going over a demo of how this feature can be used to execute triggers when certain events are picked up from the API.
  • Datetime without Time Component: Omitting the Time portion from the Datetime component can be useful to build into your apps, we’ll be going over a brief demo of how this can be achieved with simple user inputs.

if you have questions, add them as comments here below and we’ll address them in the order in which they were received. if you don’t have specific questions, join the session and view how other users are building apps for their shop floor.

please complete one of these forms if you’d like to join Office Hours:

we look forward to seeing you there!!


hello all, the recording of this week’s Spanish Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00​​​ Release 203 Updates
8:00​ Gathering Datetime inputs without the Datetime Input
18:00​ Storing Intervals in Tables
21:00​ User Question: PARSE_DATETIME_TZ() format storing different formats. Solution: different Player language settings affects format
33:00​ Assigning Display Devices to Stations
38:00​ Converting String Array to String using Join to String function
46:00​ Exporting & Importing Apps
52:00​ Restricting Permissions on Apps per user

hello all, the recording of this week’s EST Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00​ Introductions
6:00​ Using Machine API in apps
12:00​ Creating a custom Date Picker widget (without Time)
14:00​ Leveraging Arrays in Tulip
24:00​ Realtime Email Updates of Shared Dashboards
40:00​ Updating Tulip Tables using the Tulip API
46:00​ Connecting Tulip to SAP (Library App)
50:00​ Overview of Machine Monitoring in Tulip

thanks to @velogirlrides, @jjj & others for the great questions!!

hello all, the recording of this week’s EU Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00​ Machine API to fire App Triggers
7:00​ Getting Datetime input without Time component
10:00​ Clearing data once app is ready to go into production
12:00​ Using Checkboxes in Apps to store data
24:00​ Analytics to display defect types

thanks all for joining, see you next week!!