Release 203 - March 2021

These are the product updates in release 203.

Release 203 goes live to all “production” customers on 03/14/2021.

Machine Attributes API

The newly released Machine Attributes API allows you to send data to a specific attribute of a Machine via a RESTful API using the /attributes/report endpoint. This enables flexible options to integrate with Tulip from Node-RED, Python, or other languages and services.

With the recent release of our Edge MC, you can connect sensors and machines to your Tulip apps with Node-RED and the Machine Attributes API.

Note: using the Machine Attributes API will require familiarity with REST APIs.

Tulip Player 0.25.1 Updates:

  • Improved touch handling for touchscreen devices
  • Stability improvements around device drivers on Windows
  • Fixes LASCAR temp and humidity sensor driver on Windows
  • Fixes a bug causing Player to freeze when a proxy is enabled on certain Windows versions

More Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Machine attributes can be removed from machine types
  • “Is null” and “is not null” filters work in Table Queries
  • Printing apps from the app page properly displays all App Info variables
  • Updated alignment on add user modal
  • Adjusted margins on printed history records
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Hi, is OS40 for Edge MC with Tulip node is planned for 204?

Hi Youri,

Yes OS40 will be released on 3/26. Notes for OS40 will be included with the release notes for 204!

Hey Team!
Feature: * Removed custom image upload button from the asset library

This is not an improvement but a deterioration :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel, do you want to send me an email to share how you were using this feature? We are trying to push the “Asset Library” concept to be managed in a Table instead.

The Asset Library was created before we built Tables, and has some flaws, like:

  1. None of the image customization features that are included in image widgets
  2. Limited to just image file types
  3. When you need to update an image, there is no way to do it across all the apps that might reference the Asset Library.

But, if there are certain advantages to doing it in the current asset library, we are happy to reconsider.

Hey Kevin,
we used the upload button very often, especially during inetrnal trainings. It was very helpful to share prepared pictures and logos with all participants.