Release 204 - March 2021

These are the product updates in release 204.

Release 204 goes live to all production customers on 03/28/2021.

Table Queries and Aggregations are now available for all

With Table Queries and Aggregations, users can manipulate records, and perform deeper analysis on their data. Run multiple operations on top of different columns, and define queries that can be shared across apps.

Aggregations can be created and applied across any number of queries. These features will allow you to build and display lists of data based on certain criteria in apps and pull up specific records when you need them.

Tulip Hardware OS40 Updates:

  • Added networking custom NTP support
  • Added Node-RED tulip-edge nodes for Tulip Machine Attributes API and Tables API*
  • Added support for serial devices through Node-RED*

*Edge MC Only. For more information read this support article.

More Features:

  • AppGroups now has an API endpoint
  • Standard Deviation of an expression array has been added to the expression editor
  • Machine Widgets functionality has been improved
  • MergeTableWrites trigger is widely available
  • Changed wording on Tables from “Deleting” to “Archiving” to better reflect the action
  • Improved performance for Table Queries with frequently updated records
  • Interactive Table Widgets and Dynamic Analyses can be filtered by table records

Bug Fixes:

  • Printing step groups as PDFs show full information
  • Writing to Tables with Audit Log enabled does not lock users out of a database
  • Master Layout in Steps page is distinguished from other steps to prevent accidental edits
  • App exports include Tulip Tables that are used in embedded analytics

Is there a plan to make Tulip-Node available for Node-Red community and available in « palette »?

Hi Youri, we are actively considering this but don’t currently have a set timeline and will be sure to communicate if things change.

Hi all, could you give more info about this trigger ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Patxi,

This was a performance improvement that we made when a trigger is updating a Tulip Table record many times - it combines these updates into one API call.

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Oh ! Good to know then :slight_smile: Thanks

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  • Added support for serial devices through Node-RED*

How do we identify the serial port in Node-RED using one of the USB ports?


I’ve plugged a USB UART into the USB port of my Edge MC and am using the node-red-node-serialport.

Finding serial port

When you are using OS40.1, and click on the magnifying glass it will automatically populate available serial paths.

If you only have one USB device plugged in it will mostly likely be at /dev/ttyUSB0, but you can check differentially.

Unplugged USB:

Plugged in USB:


Do also note we do not support hot plugging the device in node-red currently. New paths will not show up until after you reboot node-red by toggling the node-red Enable in the Edge MC.


We also currently do not support concurrent use of the generic-serial tulip driver and the node-red serial node.


Thank you Sam. I had figured everything else out and had it working off the UART port but didn’t know about the restart of Node-RED to cause it to show the USB port.

I just tried what you said and the Arduino device I plugged in shows up as this ( /dev/ttyACM0 )…


And when I select it I get this…


So maybe this type of device is not supported, but I can at least use the UART port on the Edge MC to accomplish the same thing for now which uses this port…


I may order one of those cables to use in testing.