Release 216 - October 2021

These are the product updates in release 216 of the Tulip platform.

Release 216 will be available for some customers on 10/20/2021 and will be live to all production customers the following week.

New Functions in the Expression Editor:

Two new functions have been added to the expression editor to safely encode an entire URL and a URL component.

  • ENCODE_URI(string)

Improvements and Bug Fixes in Tables:

  • Vertical scrolling in Table widgets is now easier
  • The header row in Table widgets will remain visible when scrolling
  • Tables are searchable on the Tables page
  • Searching for Table links is not case sensitive
  • Whitespace should display correctly in Table link IDs
  • All Table placeholders display when the record is first opened
  • Creating a table link with a Table that has a video column will behave as expected
  • In the Tables API, a query with an empty list of fields will not return an empty record
  • Icons for column type now appear for each item in the column picker for Table widgets
  • Text wrapping can be enabled on the Tables page and toggled in the dropdown menu
  • Text wrapping can be enabled in the Table widget and toggled in the app editor side panel

More Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Improved stability of new user onboarding flow
  • Scrollbars have been hidden from always being visible in the new user onboarding flow
  • Exporting large apps does not generate consistent zip files
  • Added any time interval for previous output on Machine Triggers
  • Admins and station supervisors can edit machine type details as expected
  • All records for timeframe and error state will show in the Machine widget
  • Functions have been added to Analytics for “Does Not Contain”, “Does Not Start With”, and “Does Not End With”
  • An API endpoint that can sign one or more URLs in Tulip has been added
  • New conditions have been added to triggers for record placeholder link columns including “Is Linked To”, “IS Not Linked To”, “Has Links”, and “Has No Links”
  • Updated the look of subheaders and empty states to be similar across the platform
  • Aggregations will recalculate in triggers to ensure the value is up to date
  • Editing Aggregations with archived fields is prevented
  • Inputs in the app editor for filters that use created at or updated at columns can be configured properly
  • An error will no longer display on the app summary page if an app has a gauge widget on the first step