Release 206 - May 2021

These are the product updates in release 206.

Release 206 will be available for some customers on 05/10/2021 and will be live to all production customers on 05/16/2021.

Improvements and Features:

  • Added support for interval and timestamp comparisons in Expression Editor
  • Timestamps are allowed as the x-axis in analyses
  • Expression Editor shows all suggestions when inside a function
  • Aligned order of selecting ID then record placeholder for loading table records
  • Both downloadable Player and browser links for Shareable Stations are now shown
  • Input field components in table record modals have been updated
  • New items in the news feed show up on top
  • Library is now linked in the App Editor
  • An endpoint has been added for increment/decrement of table record columns in Tables API
  • Machine triggers can now use machine variables

Bug Fixes:

  • Enabled state change triggers for machine types
  • Links in admin tables page now link properly
  • Expressions in Analytics Editor do not overflow, which was preventing deletion of an operation
  • Enabled editing of an analysis using machine types with custom activity fields that are colors
  • Users cannot create a placeholder that does not link to a valid Tulip Table
  • Account owners can see the user table with custom fields
  • “Last Machine Output” always gets the correct value
  • False error messages on logout no longer occur
  • Documents can be embedded in GovCloud instances
  • Table record paths properly escape
  • DATE_TRUNC_TZ expression properly incorporates timezone
  • Machine attributes widget always display the value, even if it is not mapped on the machine type for the machine

Can you explain Electron?

Hi Youri,

Electron is the Desktop (macOS and Windows) version of the Player. Electron refers to the framework that it is built with.

^ The line has been updated to refer to it as downloadable Player for clarification.