Release 221 - January 2022

These are the product updates in release 221 of the Tulip platform.

Release 221 will be live to all production customers by 01/17/2022.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the look and feel of the multi/single-select widget to match the rest of the platform
  • Updated the look and feel across the machine pages to match the rest of the platform
  • Linked placeholders can be cleared from the Table Widget
  • Objects can be created in the variables modal
  • In the App Editor, you can now provide a default value for array and object types through the variables modal
  • The windows/mac Player has been updated to handle registration links
  • The default color variable color has been reverted from light gray to the original darker gray
  • Control+Click shortcuts can now open Tables in a new tab
  • Machine field types and connectors behave properly when enabled
  • Analytic expressions in the Expression Editor will output the correct week of the year
  • Table type analytics will refresh properly
  • Step enter triggers will function as expected
  • ‘Send SMS with Image’ trigger action will send text messages
  • Improved loading time on the Stations page if there are more than 100 stations
  • ‘Static value’ data source is no longer selectable on the left-hand side of conditions in the Trigger Editor, as it did not serve a functional purpose

Hello Tulip team,
Could you explain “Step enter triggers function as expected” ? Do we have to check a specific behaviour from our existing app ?
Thanks by advance, Patxi

No check is needed, this resolves an issue that a few select users were seeing.

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