Release 212 - August 2021

These are the product updates in release 212 of the Tulip platform.

Release 212 will be available for some customers on 08/06/2021 and will be live to all production customers by 08/15/2021.

Tulip API Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • In the API docs, isIn has been added as an option for filters
  • In the Tables API the updatedAt and createdAt columns can be used as filters

Machine Monitoring Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • If machine triggers fail, the machine event will still reach the app
  • Deleting a machine type will not take users to a broken page
  • Triggers can run if the condition is left empty
  • Machine Type editor prompts the user to save when leaving the page while editing
  • Users can not create empty machine triggers. This ensures machine events reach Player

More Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • The page title for Developer Mode will now say “Dev mode” instead of “Player”
  • A warning color and additional help text has been added to telemetry in the Vision camera preview page
  • The empty state for the toggle widget has been corrected
  • Not equal filter for DateTime columns functions correctly
  • In analytics, round expressions no longer return a string
  • Confirmation message when inviting operators has been improved
  • Linked Table Records function toggle/input widgets
  • Changes to user profiles and roles when using Group-Restricted LDAP logins are prevented