Release 214 - September 2021

These are the product updates in release 214 of the Tulip platform.

Release 214 will be available for some customers on 09/23/2021 and will be live to all production customers the following week.

Increased Barcode Support:


In the Barcode Widget, you can now generate more types of barcodes including:

  • EAN-8
  • EAN-13
  • CODE 39
  • CODE 128
  • ITF
  • QR Code

Onboarding Flow:

We’ve added a new user onboarding flow when someone creates and logs into their Tulip account for the first time

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • App completion performance has been improved
  • “Empty State” styling for inputs has been unified across the platform
  • Unique values aggregation results can be used on the Tables page
  • Selecting empty strings in Schedules does not cause an error
  • Schedule changes in Asia are not offset by a day
  • Double-clicking the interactive table widget does not freeze the App Editor
  • Users can create expressions of arbitrary length (no longer limited to 150 elements)
  • Customers can reregister the same device with Shareable Station links
  • Videos will play with audio on Safari browsers
  • Linked IDs show up in the correct link field in the Record History Widget
  • An issue preventing specific stations from storing completion data has been resolved
  • Tulip Player registration page will always give the option to assign to an existing station
  • Saving expressions does not remove brackets
  • Apps will export if a widget gets resized
  • An issue with removing Table record placeholders in the App Editor has been resolved
  • The machine creation modal has an updated design
  • The machine edit state will no longer persist when navigating to another machine