Release 207 - May 2021

These are the product updates in release 207.

Release 207 will be available for some customers on 05/19/2021 and will be live to all production customers on 05/23/2021.

Improvements and Features:

  • Unusable options are removed in machine-related app triggers
  • Archived apps modal has been updated and has proper verbiage
  • Machine variables can be used for “Last Machine Output” data sources
  • Ensured exporting a connector does not include sensitive secrets and tokens
  • Added the ability to set the number of decimal places in the Machine Status Widget
  • The error page placeholder has been updated
  • Improved formatting for long text in the Record History Widget
  • Connectors handle cases where OAuth 2.0 refresh tokens expire

Player 1.0.1 Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Proxy credentials no longer open when not required
  • Fixed permission issue with Camera on Mac
  • Added Chinese, Japanese and Polish translations
  • Improved OPC UA support

Bug Fixes:

  • Activity fields can be added for machine status widget
  • Gateways will no longer falsely show up as deleted
  • Fixed an issue blocking imported analyses from running
  • Machine activity table updates in real-time
  • Switching between editing multiple select inputs always updates options
  • When showing table record details in Completions, archived columns are hidden
  • Table records are displayed correctly in Completions in Dev Mode.
  • A check of every usage option occurs before deleting a machine attribute
  • All options can be selected when creating machine activity fields and attributes
  • Analytics editor functions properly when using machines with custom color activity fields
  • The client secret does not get overwritten when editing other parts of a connector configuration
  • Analyses can run on multiple machines even if the types have different custom activity fields

Is it an upgrade in EdgeMC?

Hi Youri, node-opcua in Player refers to JavaScript. It is a performance improvement to the way Tulip Player interacts with OPC UA.