Release 223 - March 2022

These are the product updates in release 223 of the Tulip platform.

Release 223 will be live to all production customers by 03/06/2022.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added full support for security modes, security policies, and authentication methods for OPC UA connectors
  • HTTP connector functions that output object array types can have additional properties
  • Machine Attributes mapped to OPC UA sources will only receive inputs when there are changes to their mapped values
  • Machine triggers can be copied and pasted between Machine Types
  • Updated grammar in the assignCameraConfiguration modal for Vision
  • Apps imported from the Tulip Library should not create a permissions error
  • Downloading Vision datasets doesn’t fail with an error that occurs
  • Copy/Pasting widgets will produce a duplicated widget that is independent of the original widget
  • The UI in the CELOS machine pages have been updated
  • Linked Records can be used to show fields from different Tables in the same App Widget for one-to-one or many-to-one links
  • Timestamps display correctly in Table widgets that use a variable as a data source
  • Added “Is Not In” filter function to Table filters
  • Aggregations for unique values can now return sorted results
  • Table Aggregations can be filtered by metadata columns
  • Using the same filter on multiple Aggregations will behave as expected
  • Added support for timescale representation of DateTime values on the x-axis in the One Operation chart for table analysis
  • Improved performance in the Expression Editor and Trigger Editor
  • The copy trigger button in the Trigger editor functions as expected
  • The “Date Created” and “Date Updated” Table fields can now be used in Analytics
  • Variables in Developer Mode are now sorted in alphabetical order, and a search field and filter have been added as well
  • Some titles in the app editor sidebar have been modified to make hierarchies clearer
  • In the Record History Widget, completions with form inputs will load correctly
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Can you explain this topics?

Hi @youri.regnaud,

Apologies that this wasn’t clear - this was a bug fix during the release process for 223 that prevented multiple attributes to be added an HTTP object output. Ultimately, the behavior is the same around objects with HTTP functions as previous releases.

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