Release 219 - December 2021

These are the product updates in release 219 of the Tulip platform.

Release 219 will be live to all production customers on 12/14/2021.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added persistentId to results of the /appGroups API endpoint
  • Player registration is fixed when using CELOS and Workspaces
  • Removed support for Nymi authentication
  • Context pane for text widget and button widget will now update on input
  • In Vision, Color Detector and Datamatrix Detector are enabled by default
  • Custom aspect ratios in the webcam widget work as expected
  • Machine Monitoring performance with OPC UA tags has been improved
  • The order of static options for multi-select widgets can be changed
  • On the Tables page, users can now see what apps are using each Table
  • Duplicate names will not occur for machine properties when importing Machine Types.
  • Downloading images functions as expected
  • Standardized the look and feel of input modals across the platform
  • Pop-up modals can be closed by clicking outside of them
  • Text size in certain empty states has been decreased
  • Importing tables with unique value aggregations behaves as expected
  • Comments on rejected app approvals are visible
  • Page numbers will not overlap with arrows on certain pages
  • Machine attributes and activity fields can always be updated with the correct permissions
  • Single number analytics will not be blank when scrolling away
  • App users cannot complete a form with a required dropdown without filling it out
  • The Activity Feed will show data from all pages
  • OPC UA connectors will save after configuration
  • Deleted Machine Types will not be referenced anymore
  • Table links will not break when importing apps between Workspaces
  • Factory translations have been updated
  • Users are always able to pick a different data source in the condition editor of the trigger editor.
  • Adjusted empty state sizing in Developer Mode
  • Fixed Firefox’s “find in page” popup when typing / or ‘ in the expression editor
  • Master-layout elements will not show over form steps when printing
  • Expression editor will not conflict with app editor cut and paste actions
  • Triggers will not clear machine activity fields
  • Context pane widget increment and decrement buttons have been added to the border-radius in the app editor

Hi Tulip Team,
Can Nymi bands still be used for authentication?