Release 283 - July 2024

Hello everyone

I’m excited to introduce Release 283! With this we’re beginning the rollout of renaming display devices to “interfaces”. There’s new compatibility for the User Groups closed beta feature, as well as updates and UI improvements throughout the platform.

Here are some features in this release worth highlighting:

  • Export the table analysis widget to a CSV file
  • In the Copilot widget, retry table processing if a failure occurs
  • SAML attribute compatibility with User Groups
  • More UI updates to the Connectors Page

There are also some performance improvements and bug fixes that were reported by users.

View the full 283 Release Notes here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


Some great Community requests in this release!

  1. @sebme was just asking to Export data from analytics table - and this is included in r283!
  2. Allow Viewing of Previously Published Custom Widget Triggers was a suggestion from @doneil that is also in this release!

Thanks y’all for the great feedback and for helping to make Tulip even better :slight_smile: