Community Catch-Up (Late May - Early June 2024)

New Releases and Resources

Tulip Releases

:eyes: r281 coming this week!


Check out the latest Library release, hot :fire: off the press :newspaper:

Knowledge Base

Let your voice be heard and help @L_Churchill organize the Knowledge Base in the way that works best for ya’ll - Check out the brief survey in the post below

Check out the latest use case article: Daily Management Boards!


On June 5th we had a Build Better session for Frontline Copilot! If you missed it, don’t worry! We will be sending out an email with the recording. Here are some helpful resources as well:

If you have questions reach out to your Tulip representative, or email or post here on Community!

Our upcoming Build Better session, “What’s Next? Developing your Tulip Use Case Roadmap” will be Wednesday June 26 at 11am ET - Mark your calendar now and sign-up on Tulip University!

Community Highlights

Featured threads

This product suggestion from @sebme to be able to show an image based on conditional logic to show the state of the application, step, or data to the end user operator had some really interesting discussion along with some creative workarounds that are worth a read!

@Richard-SNN’s Show & Tell is a very clear demo of how to use object arrays in your apps - check it out and stay tuned for Part 2!

@Kris’s question here around table structure was a good one, touching on composable approaches and the use of secondary tables. Not everything can be “black and white” when it comes to solution design!

Community Spotlights

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our June Community Spotlight on @zeiglera ! Get to know her and her work with Tulip and feel free to ask her a question on the Community thread below.

Office Hours tips and tricks

During Tuesday Office Hours last week, there was good discussion around how to edit a record in a Tulip Table from an app.
First, you may want to create a separate step for editing your table. When you select the record you want to update from the interactive table widget, have a button to navigate to that step. From here there are 2 options:

  1. Directly edit the table with an input widget, selecting “Tulip table record” as the data type and specify which column you want to update. Whatever you type into this input will automatically update your table record in the Tulip Table
  2. In the input widget, load the desired/changes value into a variable, then use trigger logic on a button to upload that variable to the table (this may be preferred, so you can make sure everything is correct before making a change!)

S/O to @jmlowden for being so helpful as always and sharing how he does this in his own apps!