Community Catch-Up (Mid-Late June 2024)

New Releases and Resources

Tulip Releases

:eyes: r283 coming this week!


Check out the latest Library Release - r77

  • This release features a ton of new connectors (Microsoft (planner, to-do, project), planeus, Trello, Monday, Asana, and Google Drive) and some great new apps (especially around training)!

Tulip University

Knowledge Base

Finding articles around governance in Tulip just got easier, check out the updates below!

Also, check out these brand new articles!

Upcoming events

Next Build Better session is Wednesday, July 24th - we will walk through a common Tulip use case: Quality Inspection. Sign-Up now on Tulip U and stay tuned for more details as it gets closer!

Community Highlights

Featured threads

Check out this thread for an update from @Pete_Hartnett on how to use the Stations API for dynamic station registration

Shoutout to @danielpomeranz for his great troubleshooting help on this thread!

Interesting discussion here on sorting arrays - this is a known limitation currently (and the Tulip Product team is working on it!) but there are some other options you can pursue in the meantime!

Community Spotlights

If you haven’t already, check out our June spotlight on Abigail Tingly here!

July’s spotlight is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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