Community Catch-Up (Mid-Late May 2024)

Introducing “Community Catch-up”! A summary of all things happening in the Tulip Community from the last 2 weeks, all in one place :slight_smile:

New Releases and Resources

Tulip Releases

Tulip University

A lot of Tulip U content dropped in the last month or so that I want to highlight in case you missed it!

Building Composable Solutions (including content on the Tulip Common Data Model)

  • And Specifically in this course, I wanted to highlight our new Solution Credo Scorecard, which provides you a way to check if the apps and solutions you are building in Tulip for design and composability best practices!

And an App Design course so you can. build your apps with the best practices in UI/UX in mind!

Knowledge Base

A subtle but important feature from r279 was enhanced number formatting in the Analytics Universal Template - This article give you all the details on this new feature and how to use it!

Upcoming events

Community Highlights

Featured threads

Shout out to @thorsten.langner and @Richard-SNN for their great help and suggestions on this post

I also want to Shout out @ChrisF for his great help on this thread as well!

Thank you for making Tulip Community a helpful and friendly space for all :slight_smile:

User Spotlight

Stay tuned for our first Community Spotlight featuring @zeiglera in early June :slight_smile:

Office Hours Updates & Highlights

A small tip/trick from last week’s Thursday morning’s Office Hours session - @jmlowden pointed out that when making messages with triggers, you can save a couple clicks (and time) by using expression editor for your message instead of static value - text!

Have an idea for something that can be in the Community Catch-Up? Let us know in the comments!