Creating a QR code as picture

Hi all,
I need an advice:
how can I create a picture of a QR code from the barcode widget after google removed the API solution?
I like to store a picture of the generated QR code in a Tulip table too.

Regards Chris

I was thinking if there is a way to create a copy of an image from the web.
Its easy to use another QR-code-API, but handling the image URL will always reference the original API-URL and will not create a copy.
This keeps the risk of that service stops being continued (as google !)

Save image and the load from lokal space is a way but I meant an automatic way, by trigger logic…

With the caveat I haven’t tried doing QR codes myself using Labelary it does appear to be possible and you can integrate using the custom widget.

And the actual API:

Thanks Richard,

I’m using the zpl viewer widget all the time to preview the labels printed by our Zebra printers.

With the API I can run it as a connector and it results an png, but I don’t know how to configure the result output inside the connector to store the png into a variable.

Regards Chris

You can put your URL to call the API directly into an Image-URL Variable.

With ZPL e.g.:,0,0%5EBQN,2,10,Q,7%5EFDHello%20World%5EXZ
However, if you only use it to create an QR code, you can use easier to use, more flexible API’s as well.

However, the availability of that image will be dependent on the availability of the service.

Thanks Thorsten,

it took a little bit to understand this and bring it to work, but now it works.

Maybe there will be an internal solution in the future…

Regards Chris

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