Generating a QR Code or Barcode

hey all, I wanted to share a quick way to generate a barcode or QR code in Tulip:

  1. in a SQL Connector, create a function similar to the one below (select image as Output type):

    SQL function: select concat('', replace($data$, ' ', '%20')) as "QR_url"

  2. run the Connector Function from an app trigger using the input to determine what you’d like the code to contain:

  3. display the variable in the app:

hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!!



Hello Gio,

I tested this QR CODE generator and it works perfectly.
I just want to know if is there a way to print just the QR CODE that was generated in a label printer.


hello @Oshiro, great to hear you were able to set this up!!

is the label printer a Zebra printer or is it on your network?? depending on which one it is, I’d recommend taking a look at these articles:

To create Dynamic QR-code you can easily use webpage widget and google API “” to display a QR code.
It is faster than create a (1)

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hello @mathieu.rey, that’s a great alternative!! the advantage of using a connector is that the QR code can be stored as an image variable, but using a webpage is indeed a lot quicker to implement.

thanks for sharing, I will certainly be using this going forward!!

Hello @gio. Thanks for inviting me for the community. I work with Fernando Oshiro. I was reading the post “How Operators Can Print App data” and there is a section that explain how to change the printer configuration on the computer running Tulip Player. Do you know if it would be possible to setup the printing layout to match the size of the label to be printed (Eg. 10x15). Does it depend only on the printer’s driver (Zebra) installed at the computer?

hello @flmaeda, of course - welcome to the Tulip Community!!

there are two separate ways to print via Tulip:

  1. using the system dialogue ( using this, you will be able to print directly to standard printers connected on your network. you can configure the size of the label in the system dialogue that your computer will display when printing and modifying presets.
  2. using the Zebra driver (that needs a Gateway). using this, you can enter ZPL code into the Gateway Driver. in the ZPL code, you can define the dimensions of the label.

does this answer your question?? let me know!!

Yes @gio. It is clear for me now. Thanks

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Your method is better. but I can not find webpage widget. Would you tell me where to find it?
and I am unable to read the trigger in your gif, the fond it too small.


My idea is to provide an input text widget, which is use to type text for generating QR code.
I create an image url type variable, and an button, when click the button, trigger event of button will store expression to image url variable. but I failed. hope you can help me

Hi @mcc6025,

you should ask by Tulip Ticket to enable webpage widget.

The Trigger is the following :

the url address :

hello @mcc6025, I have enabled the webpage widget for your account. can you confirm you can see it if you go to Widgets > Webpage??


Well done! I find the webpage widgets now. thanks.

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Thanks for help. I got webpage widget now

hello @Oshiro, @mathieu.rey, @flmaeda, @mcc6025,

I wanted to let you know that in Releases 198, we support Barcodes (only 128 for the time being, not QR code) directly as a Widget. therefore, without having to create the Connector Function you can embed Barcodes directly in your apps. more info.:

hope this helps!!

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Hi Gio,

Yes, I read the announcement a few days ago in community. But anyway, thanks for your notification.


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hello @Oshiro, @mathieu.rey, @flmaeda, @mcc6025,

I wanted to let you know that in Releases 198, we support Barcodes directly as a Widget. therefore, without having to create the Connector Function you can embed Barcodes directly in your apps. more info.:

hope this helps!!

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Other format is planned?

hello @youri.regnaud,

the team is aware of the need to support more barcode formats, but we do not have a date by which we expect them to be released. which format is highest priority for you??

hi @gio ,

128 format is limited by lentgh of data, for perspective of performance , i recommand you to focus on datamatrix or Qr-code in second step.

hello @mathieu.rey, thanks for sharing your input.

do you think you could post this request to Product suggestions - Tulip Community?? thanks!!