Release 198 - December 2020

These are the product updates in release 198.

Release 198 goes live to all production customers on 12/27/2020.

Render Barcodes in Tulip

You can now generate a barcode in the app editor under the embedded menu. Once you select the barcode option, you can drag and drop to resize it, and adjust the positioning in your app. The datasource for the barcode can be pulled from a Variable, Static Value, Table Record.

Barcode options in the App Editor

More Features

  • Form triggers can now be copied
  • Record placeholder table dropdown is now searchable


  • Azure URLS are signed in CSV export
  • Print Steps will always print in the correct order
  • Fixed “Yesterday” filter and timezone issues with machine and table analyses
  • Timestamp filters work for dynamic analyses
  • Overflow text in table cells is properly rendered
  • Default DMG Mori Machine triggers have been corrected
  • Machine triggers always run in the correct order

@pte as you can see here, Triggers on Form Steps can now be copied (as we spoke about in Office Hours a couple of weeks back):

let us know if you have any questions!!


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No news about 199 release content? Thanks

Hi Youri,

Because of holidays and the start of the new year, release 199 will become available on January 22. Release notes will be coming this week!