Tulip Office Hours 04FEB2021

hello all!!

join us for our next Tulip Office Hours 2021-02-04T16:00:00Z2021-02-04T17:00:00Z

here are the topics we’ll be covering before opening it up to Q&A:

if you have questions, add them as comments here below and we’ll address them in the order in which they were received. if you don’t have specific questions, join the session and view how other users are building apps for their shop floor!!

please complete this form if you’d like to join Office Hours: https://tulip.co/office-hours-est/

we look forward to seeing you there!!


thanks to all who joined Office Hours today, and thanks to @Ryne, @velogirlrides & @oviland for asking great questions.

here’s the recording of the EST session for those who couldn’t join live:

hello all, here’s the recording of today’s EU Office Hours. thanks for joining!!

0:00​ Introductions/Welcome
5:00​ February App Competition
10:00​ Barcode Scanner Widget
14:00​ Barcode Generator Widget
16:00​ Customizing Analyses
20:00​ Connecting Machines
30:00​ User Management

hello all, here’s the recording of today’s Spanish Office Hours. thanks for joining!!

0:00​​ February App Competition
5:00​​ Barcode Scanner Widget
12:00​​ Customizing Analyses
30:00​​ Using the Tulip Users Table in an App
35:00​​ Saving Variables in Tables and App Completion