In the graph analysis the names are not saved

Why don’t I see the names in the graph integrated in the APP?

When I customize the variables the change is effective in the graph. But when saving and closing the variable names disappear.

Thank you very much for your attention

hello @miguel.ledesma, thanks for posting to Community!!

just to confirm, are you saving the variable names before saving the entire Analysis??

this will save the column name once you save the analysis:

let us know if this works for you!! thanks again for posting your question

Hi Gio,
Yes, I save the names before saving everything.
In the same application with boolean variable analysis it has not happened and yet with numeric variables it has happened.

hello @miguel.ledesma, thanks for sharing more context!!

I just tried with two number variables and was able to Save the column labels:

perhaps we can take a look at this during Office Hours on Friday?? in the meantime, can you rename the Variables in your app??