Update filters for Querys in the app

hello team,

today I just got a hard time trying to figure out what variable was being used for a query
the variable names is not displayed , if the pointer is over that area the name of the variable is not being displayed,
I cant tell if this is something that always had been in that way or is something new.

it could be helpful for this query section to display the full name of the variable or if by placing the pointer over the area a bubble could Tell you the name of the variable.

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for this suggestion! Looks like some other folks have voted on this as well and feel the same way. I will bring this to the product team to see what we can do :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !
We really appreciate it :heart:

Hi @ChirristopherOficial - So I have good news, this actually was taken care of already in a recent release. Since you are on a slightly older LTS, you will see this resolved when you upgrade to LTS 11 (or beyond)!