Table Widget with Tulip Table Query as datasource corner case / bug

I did some simple searching and didn’t find where this has been discussed before but I recently ran into an issue where it wasn’t immediately obvious what I was doing wrong.

The Table Widget allows you to use table data two different ways, the table directly, or a table query.

The first allows you to use any number of fields to filter to the results you want to see, including dynamically changing what’s filtered within the app.

The second relies on the table query itself to provide all the filtering as no other app level filtering is allowed.

The corner case is if you already have a table query that gets you most of the results you care about but it has one or more of the filter conditionals set to “App Input”, there is no way to provide that input at the app level, so those filters essentially stay empty.

It would be beneficial to allow filtering in both the table query and app level much like how analytics already work.

Hey Richard, thanks for sharing this observation! Let me check with the team about this.

Thanks! I’m on LTS 10 if that matters.

Hi @Richard-SNN,

I’m not sure if I got you wrong.
I set up an example.

  • Set Up a Query
  • Provide it to the App under “Records” Tab in the App builder
  • Choose a Variable for the Query filter inputs
  • Change the Variable…

Isn’t this what you wanted?

Here some screenshots:

Ok, yes, I got myself wrapped around the axel so to speak. The filter moves from the widget (in the case of a Tulip Table data source), to the query on the records tab.