Ability to apply ad-hoc filters and sorting without the need to create a query or app first

Particularly during testing we are currently running into a lot of situations where it would be great if there was an easy way to apply ad-hoc filters to table columns in the web interface to quickly check if certain entries have arrived or not.

Same for sorting. Right now in the table view new records are added to the bottom of the list…
Correction: is already possible but does not persist. So in case of sorting it would be nice of the choses sorting persists.

Right now the only workaround we found is either create a fake query and modify its values and apply as “test” or create a helper app for that purpose.


I like that a lot.
In my opinion, all Pages (Apps, Connectors, User Table, Tables, Stations, Display Devices…) should be filterable by all parameters… All columns should have a Filter setting, so you can combine them easily.

Maybe the thread for searching a Table is also interesting for you:
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