Ability to Search in a table

I think it would be helpful if we were able to use some type of search function to find a row in our tables. Thank you for considering.

Hi @don.feeney,

Thanks for the suggestion! So we can get more insight, could you elaborate on your use case for this feature and why you would want to search in the table editor/UI rather than using an app to manage and filter tables?

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Hi Don.
I support your suggestion.
It is often very valuable to search directly in the table in Editor mode, instead of having an app for the same purpose. We have quite a lot tables with many columns, so an app would be very UI unfriendly.
There is a workaround though. You can setup a query for a table which searches for a specific value. It is a cumbersome workaround, but it works until better option is in place.


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Good day to you Sydney, thank you so much for your reply. My use case is searching for equipment IDs to manually update it’s status so that when we navigate to that particular IDs application- directions on how to clean it properly- it can navigate. It’s difficult to test apps when I need to go through 18 pages for IDs just to change the status. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more clarity.

Thank you so much HECH, appreciate you. Excellent point and will take this in to try to work on my issue. Now I have an idea on how this can be done but a simply search field within the table would truly be beneficial.

Thank you all! I’ve passed this information along!

Hi @SydneyDoyle,

the most important use case for me is debugging.

So exactly when I dont get the results I expected, I want to look up the raw data right at its source, without any unnecessary handler/function in between.

Especialy if the table is bigger, it is useful to filter and search any column in the table itself.