Filter the Tables list by app

On Tulip’s Tables list (I’m referring to the page reachable at Apps > Tables), we can only search for tables using the table’s name or description. Most of the time, the displayed results consists in a mix of tables from app A, B, C… which is problematic because we often work on a single app and are only interested in the tables used by this app.

It would be great if we could select an app from the Tables list to show only tables used by the selected app.

Hi @fti,

in your App you can direktly see all used Tables in your Records Tab.
From here you can navigate to all of these tables:


(clicking with your middle mouse key opens the table in a new tab)

Or even better… in edge you can open the table split screen…

what do you think?

Hi @thorsten.langner ,

I find this less user-friendly, but it’s a good workaround though :slight_smile: Thanks for this.