List of apps that can be selected from a interactive table

I am trying to create a table of my current apps. Then imbed the table of apps in a routing app that when a record is selected, it would then open the corresponding app. The reason for this is I need to create hundreds of apps that are opened via a dynamic list (table) controlled by the table records.

I have not been able to find any post about listing apps in a table.

hello @MikeRousch. thanks for posting, great question!!

there is a great way to do this using the Go to App by Name trigger. this is how some Apps are setup on my instance:

  1. create a Table with a list of Apps in which the ID corresponds exactly to the Name of the Apps:
  2. create a Table Record for this Table in the Routing App and link this Table Record to the Interactive Table:
  3. add a Row Selected trigger that contains a Transition to Go to App be Name, in which the Name is the ID that the User selects:

depending on what your Apps are used for, it may also be a good idea to use the Visual Work Instruction App from the Library to reduce the number of Apps you’ll need to create:

does this help?? let us know if there’s any additional information that would be useful!!

Application variables type for table (as machine, user, …) can be an option.
Go back to problem space, manage all apps in platform start to be a challenge : which apps is in development, pending, publish, how is use applications, … NoCode approach and power we give to « Engineers » required monitoring features to steer the good health of the platform

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That is perfect! Thank you. I have been struggling with this for quite some time.





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