Table records in an app

I need to create a table record for each app I create and store data about that app. I also need there to only be one record that is updated when the table is updated and I want to pull data from the table record to display in the app. Can you help me figure that out?

Hey @MikeRousch,

We can certainly help out here!! You can have a Trigger fire when the App is started ( to Create a Table Record, I’d recommend including the Datetime and App Name in the ID of the Table Record.

Once that’s set up, you can store data in the various fields as you progress along the app. What kind of data would you like to store in the Record??

Furthermore, as this data is loaded into the Record, you can display it in the App no problem.

If you’d like we can go over this on our next Office Hours (every Thursday at 11AM EST). Let me know if you’d like me to invite you!!


Thanks. that worked. Is there a record ID for an app that is tied to it no matter what version it is or name you use? The problem I run into now is that if I modify the name of the app it creates a new record and loses all the info I previously tied to it in the table.

hello @MikeRousch, the ID that you see in the URL of the App will not change regardless of the App Name or Version:

however, this parameter is not accessible via the Go to App by Name Trigger. is this where you’re intending to use it??

Yes, but I can just commit to keep the app names the same as a work around.





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