Return the data in the table to a variable


I want to take the data saved from the app to a table using a trigger and put it back into the app at once.
Is there a better way to do this?

hello @da-noguchi, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

if you already have the data stored in your app as a variable, you can simply store it to the Table Record in the trigger without having to store it back in the app.

something like this will work well (once you’ve loaded the Table Record into your app):

i’d recommend taking a look at this article:

does this answer your question??

Thanks for the reply.
But what I want to know is how to put multiple data stored in a table back into a variable with a single trigger.
With Gio’s trigger, you can only put one variable at a time, right?

hello @da-noguchi,

to load data into an app Variable from a Table record, the Load Record trigger can be used.

if you simply add a Trigger to Load Record:

all the fields from the Table will be available in the App as Variables:
Record in App:


does this answer your question?? let me know if I can clarify something!!

Sorry. I guess I didn’t explain it well.
If you had a table like the following

Is it possible to put data in a box created with tool bar input in one time?

hello @da-noguchi,

OK, I understand now!! to do what you’re describing you need to add a couple of actions to store the Table Records Fields as App Variables, and use those in the Input Widgets.

  1. store Table Record Fields as Variables:
  2. select the variables on your input fields:

this will be the result:

is this what you’re looking to build?? let me know!!

please note that to save the values that Users input back to the Table, you’ll need to: Data Manipulation > Store the App Variables back to the Table Record Fields.

hello gio

I’m glad you understand!
But there are so many of them that it would be a pain to do them one by one.
Is it possible to combine the triggers for Data Manipulation into one?

hello @da-noguchi, it is not currently possible to store all fields from a Table Record into App Variables and this does currently need to be done individually.

this being said, I have submitted a ticket with your request to the product team at Tulip and will keep you posted with updates.

Hello @da-noguchi, I am a product manager on the Tulip team! It sounds like the ideal behavior would be:

  1. Add an Input Widget to a Step
  2. In the Context Pane, choose a field from a record placeholder and bind it directly to the input field, no variables involved.

Does that sound right?

hello @gio, thanks for taking care of it.

hello @kevin.kononenko, that idea sounds great.
Please introduce it.
In my projects, worker spend many days working on them.
So it’s important to be able to go back the data and see at a glance how far you’ve finished and what the results were.
Being able to do this is very helpful.

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Sounds great. We have gotten this exact feature request multiple times, so we know the path we want to take to implement it. We will get to work on it as soon as we have engineering capacity and update this thread when it is ready!