Saving variables data

How is the data of the various variables in the application stored? Is it necessary to link them to a table? If so is the saving done automatically or should triggers be built to perform the saving operation?


hello @Orna,

thanks for posting your question!! data can be simply stored in an App Variable, it is not necessary to store data in a Tulip Table. although there are some advantages (mainly being that the information can be read from other Apps).

here’s a quick summary of how data can be stored in Tulip:

  1. store data in your App Variables (ref. Article). that will then get stored in the Completions:

  2. Tulip Tables (ref. Article). there are 2 ways to store data to a Tulip Table: 1. load a Table Record Placeholder into your app, and add an Action to: Data Manipulation > Store > Variable > Table Record or 2. add an Input Widget and link it directly to a Field in your Table:

does this answer your questions?? let us know if there’s anything we can clarify!!