How to select a field in a table as a variable from within the app

First, select the control number as a variable from the application.
Next, we want to store the data in a field whose label matches that variable.
Does anyone know how to do this?

The figure below shows the table.

For example, I want to select the field “GC08I-001” from a variable on my app.

hello @da-noguchi, that’s a great question. thanks for posting!!

you could ask the User which Table Field they’d like to store the App Variable, and store it in the corresponding Field. a Trigger simialr to this should work:

would this work as a solution for you?? let me know!!

hello @gio .
That’s how I’m dealing with it now.
However, when the number of fields becomes huge, it is troublesome to set them one by one.
Is there a way to make it easier?

thanks for clarifying @da-noguchi.

one way to do this could be with the Tables API. you can create a generic function into which you can have inputs for the Field Names and Field Values you’d like to create and use the POST /tables/{table_id}/records endpoint. once that’s created, you can use that dynamically from an App. here’s an example of how this can work.

Connector Function:

resulting Table:

as you can see, you can then enter the Table Fields dynamically when using it from the App:

would this work as a solution for you??

this being said, I think this is a really great idea to add the ability to variably select the Field directly from an App using a Table Record Placeholder. would you mind adding a post in Product suggestions - Tulip Community?? thanks!!