How to select a field in a table as a variable from within the app

First, select the control number as a variable from the application.
Next, we want to store the data in a field whose label matches that variable.
Does anyone know how to do this?

The figure below shows the table.

For example, I want to select the field “GC08I-001” from a variable on my app.

hello @da-noguchi, that’s a great question. thanks for posting!!

you could ask the User which Table Field they’d like to store the App Variable, and store it in the corresponding Field. a Trigger simialr to this should work:

would this work as a solution for you?? let me know!!

hello @gio .
That’s how I’m dealing with it now.
However, when the number of fields becomes huge, it is troublesome to set them one by one.
Is there a way to make it easier?

thanks for clarifying @da-noguchi.

one way to do this could be with the Tables API. you can create a generic function into which you can have inputs for the Field Names and Field Values you’d like to create and use the POST /tables/{table_id}/records endpoint. once that’s created, you can use that dynamically from an App. here’s an example of how this can work.

Connector Function:

resulting Table:

as you can see, you can then enter the Table Fields dynamically when using it from the App:

would this work as a solution for you??

this being said, I think this is a really great idea to add the ability to variably select the Field directly from an App using a Table Record Placeholder. would you mind adding a post in Product suggestions - Tulip Community?? thanks!!

Hello @gio,
I apologize for the delay in replying.
I am now trying to solve this problem using the Table API.
However, I am thinking of using a human connector to work with multiple tables, and it will not work.
There is an identifier that can be tied to the field name, making it difficult to select it with variables.
Is there any way to successfully put the field ID into a variable?

hello @da-noguchi, no problem!!

have you considered creating a Table with a dictionary of the Table IDs, Column Names and Column Labels?? something like this should work:

once it’s populated with all the columns available in your Table, it will be easy for users to select the Column they’d like to update in a human-readable list and you can use the Column ID for the Connector Function.

do you think this solution could work for what you’re trying to build?? let me know!!

Hello @gio ,

I see!
I hadn’t thought of creating a dictionary table.
Is there a way to stock multiple pieces of this information in a table at the same time using a connector or app?

yes, I think a dictionary Table could work well for this use case!!

you can have more than one Table Record Placeholders in each app if you want to load multiple Records simultaneously. do you think that would work??

I know that.

It is very difficult to manually input the field information into each field of the dictionary table.
Can you automate that manual input process?

@da-noguchi you could use the CSV Import: How to Import a Spreadsheet into a Table | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Operations Apps if you can get the dictionary elements into a spreadsheet.

alternatively, you could use the Table API to read the values for all the columns in the Table and write them into the dictionary Table. let us know if you need help building this out!!

Hello @gio ,

Please tell me how to do this using the table API.
That seems to be a better way to avoid having to import the CSV multiple times.

hello @da-noguchi, yes we can help with this. would it be possible for you to join Office Hours so we can get a better understanding of what you’d like to build?? here’s the registration link: Tulip Office Hours (North America) | Tulip.

in the meantime, I will share this video:

that describes how you can loop through to update multiple Records. would this help what you’re building??

let me know!!

Hello @gio ,

I’m going to use that as a reference and try a few different methods.
Thank you!

If I get stuck again, I’ll ask more questions.

sounds good @da-noguchi, thanks for the update!!