Tie inputs to table record fields directly

Hey All.

So on many of our apps we use a table records as the primary variable storage system. We do this because we only want our variables in one place (to limit the risk of accidentally only adjusting 1 and not the other) and we need records of many of the fields, so we have made it practice of logging just about every app variable to that table.

In an ideal world in the app we would only have a single variable - the id of that table record.

The main issue with this is input fields can only be assigned to app variables. So when the operators need to change some variable in the table the flow looks like:

Operator opens step>input sets app variable>on submit app updates table records

This is far from optimal because it means we have app variables for most of the table records fields. This just makes it way too easy to accidentially use one of those and not the source of truth table.

This would be an easy change, just allow table records from this dropdown


Good afternoon @Peter.Hartnett,

Thanks for sharing this idea! Directly tying the Input Widget to the Table Record would indeed reduce the opportunity for accidentally not updating the Table and would reduce the # of actions required within your apps.

This request had already been submitted, and the engineering team is aware of it. We’ll keep you posted as there are updates.



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hey @Peter.Hartnett,

just to confirm, did you see this Feature making it into the product as of last month?? Release 201 - February 2021. thanks again for posting!!

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