Tying Form entry to table records


We are developing an app where a form is used on startup to enter key order details. This information is stored to a table on submit and that table record is referenced throughout the rest of the app. One pain point is that we cant tie the form entries to a table record.

Currently the workaround is to have app variables that are only used to store the form values and the table entry is set to those form values on submit. This leads to a few issues:

  • For someone trying to troubleshoot our app, there is an orderQuantity value both as an app variable and a table value, and they might not be the same. it would be very easy to accidentally use the wrong one and create issues that are very hard to resolve.
  • The on submit trigger has to be much more complicated to store all these values to the table
  • The only reason these variables exist is to store the form data, this seems clunky
  • A form could be made with a step that fixes these problems, but that seems very ‘hacky’

It would be nice if tulip did one of 2 things:

  1. Naively support a form feeding a record
  2. Create variables just local to the form that could be used on submit but wouldn’t exist as app variables. so in the trigger we could reference @formVars.CycleTime as opposed to app variables. This wouldnt simplify triggers but it would simplify the required app variables.