Linking other steps to tables so that data recorded under one row

Hi, there. While I was testing my app in the player, I could only insert data for steps under first choice. When I attempted to key in data from the next choice to sign, I could not post the details into the table assigned for first choice. I checked the triggers of the step a couple of times, but everything was the same and good (as far as I knew). Is there any other ways to link those steps so that the data keyed in will be recorded in the table under one row / string? Thanks btw.

Hi @thulasi.kumaran
Could you elaborate the question a bit more. Perhaps add some screen shots.
If its a custom widget it might be helpful to share the JSON export.

Importing/Exporting Apps custom widgets

Some generic info on appending and adding line breaks can be found in the links below.


array methods

line break

Sure, screenshots are added along this reply.
To be exact, I have understood the data manipulation and how does the chain goes to link the records to placeholder, according to my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong):
Table Records → Load Record → Current Entry → Expression → _____________
The only thing that bothers me now is the expression that I should choose now in the end of the string.
I have also tried the array method given above and I have attached the results.

For better understanding, I have attached the triggers for the first option start page and triggers on the other options’ page.
Start page:

Area owner:

Hope these will be helpful. Thank you

Hi @thulasi.kumaran

So are you trying to save the data from “Start page” and “Area owner” in to the same row in the table?

If this is the case, remove “Reset all app variables to default” command in the “Start page” trigger. I think that is the problem. i think the above command is clearing the “Current entry record” place holder. But Tulip should have shown you an error message. Not 100% sure.

Disregard the array concat for now.
I’m really sorry Im still not sure what your actual problem is. please can you tell me what you are trying to achieve.

Hi, I found a better way to express my situation.

Here the picture shows the results that was keyed in the table where the red arrows showing the actual space that I would want to place the data to minimize the blank areas as above and green box is the column that I target for.
I need the formula/expression that will help me to align data under the same row as the green box in the picture attached above.
I hope that this will bring a clear picture on the discussed topic past few days. Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks ! :handshake:

Hi @thulasi.kumaran,
Thank you for the new screen cap. I think I understand the problem.
You will have to check all your triggers where the “create record” or “Create or load record” command is used to create the.“Current Entry Record” Seems like you are creating a new record ( ie a new line) too often.
It will be hard to trouble shoot this problem via the forum. Perhaps reach out to tulip support and see if they can help you remotely.

Hi, there.
I see, I will check on the triggers. I had also mailed the Tulip Support yesterday, just to try my luck. I will let you know the progress too. Thank you! :handshake: :sparkles:

Hi @thulasi.kumaran, thanks for sharing here, and thanks @Rakitha for the great troubleshooting help!

@Rakitha is correct, if the desired outcome is to add new data to an existing table entries from different applications or steps, you should use the LOAD RECORD or CREATE OR LOAD RECORD actions instead of the CREATE RECORD action.

Hi @John , I am also facing the same issue and for my triggers i have listed them as “create or load record” but I am still facing the exact same issue @thulasi.kumaran has showed in the picture with the table. Is there any other solution other than having to contact the tulip team? Thank you so much :yum:

“Create or load record” will look if a Record with the given ID already exists.
If not: → it will create it
If yes: → it will load it

If you create or load a record by “randomstring()”, the string will always be a new random string, and will never exist as ID → creates a new one.

Do the folowing:

When you decide, to make a new record, set a variable “current ID” with a new random string

Data Manipulation - Expression "Randomstring()" - to variable "current ID"

Use Create or load record as often as you want, but choose the variable “current ID” instead of the randomsting().

When you need a new record, create a new “current ID”-Value…

hope that helps


Hi, @thorsten.langner . Thank you for the configuration and that one worked in my case. Even though most of the steps obey to the new trigger/configuration given up, a couple of steps aren’t doing the same. Can you please help me to figure out the problem there?
I have attached several sets of screenshots of the configuration from both responding and not responding steps. Hope those help to understand the situation.
Responding step:

Results in:

The data gets transported to its placeholder, following a “Submitted” text notification.

Not responding step:

Results in:

Data does not get transported, and no notification. Data gets stagnant in the step.


hi @thorsten.langner,

thank you for your reply, however im still quite unsure of the instructions.
To clarify,

  1. Data Manipulation - Expression “Randomstring()” - to variable “current ID” , for this line, when i click data manipulation, the next set of triggers do not show any expression button for me to use
  2. Do you mean changing my “randomstring()” to the variable “current id” would be changing randomstring to my record place holder name? i have attatched a screenshot below.

Thank you so much for your time

Best Regards,

Where do you create or load the Placeholder?
You create an ID and then load data tu the current placeholder, without setting it to the created ID.
When you set all Variables back to default, the created ID gets lost as well…

Hi @yixuancleona.tan,

whenever you decide to make a new line in the table, you need to create a new ID.
This can be an own logical string (like “2023/08/24_Thorsten”) or any other string (like a random string).

If you want to target this dataset, you need to load it to the Placeholder. The Placeholder is some kind of pointer, pointing to the target line of the table.

Every time you save data to that placeholder, it will put it in the line where it points to.

To define the line it points to, you need to set the PLaceholder to the ID of that dataset.

When you switch the Placeholder to another line, or clear it, and you want to put some mor data to one specific line, you need to know the ID, to load that Recordset to the Placeholder.

You could just know it, because it folows a logic (Date_Username) or you remembered it an an variable in the moment you created it.

To remember it, first create the random sting into a variable.

For instance:

Create Recordset (and remember the ID):

As long as you dont clear or change the target of the Placeholder, you can now save data into that Record (all in the same line):

When you change the target or clear the Placeholder, you can reset it to the Target, you remembered in the “CurrentID” Variable.
(So ID_Marker or so could be a more accurate name).

However, the variable is only to not loose the Name of the ID.

In addition:
of course it is also possible, to find an ID by known data of the Tablerecord or by looking for the latest recordset…

I Hope that helps :wink:

Hi @thorsten.langner,

thank you for your response again. When u said “create a new ID”, do u mean the auto generated ID whenever a data has been input? ( i have attatched a photo)

Because i have tried to search for the “CurrentID” in my list and am unable to locate it. ( photo attatched again)

Best Regards,

Also, based on ur example, if the variables are all in the same page, i am able to get them to appear in the same line in the table. Just to clarify we are on the same page, Its when variables are in different pages then the data starts to appear in different rows. For example in the photo attatched, the variables in “batching part 1” will appear as the first row and the variables in “batching” will appear in the row below.

Hope this clarifies anything !

The “CurrentID” is an example naming of a variable.
If you need this remembering, you need to create a Variable for tit (“New Variable…” in the list) and give it any name (like currentID).

Whenever you create or load a Record Place Holder, it will load it if the ID exists (and then update the dataset) or create a new one, if your ID does not exist in this table.
You should only use “create or load a Record Place Holder” when you need it.

This has nothing to do with your page, it has to do with your triggers and when they are called.