To make sure that the data recorded is aligned under the same row

Here I have attached a picture to ease my process to explain the support that I need. Attached picture shows the results that was keyed in the table where the red arrows showing the actual space that I would want to place the data to minimize the blank areas as above and green box is the column that I target for.
I need the formula/expression that will help me to align data under the same row as the green box in the picture attached above. Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks ! :handshake:

@thulasi.kumaran, thanks for the question! I just want to ask a quick follow-up to make sure I understand the end result you’re looking for.

Tell me if this is correct: in your ideal state, you would like to take the data from rows 9 and 10 such that it all exists in a single row entry in row 8?

If this is accurate I can share some resources to help you understand how to fix this.

Hi! And, yes. That’s exactly what I am looking for.

Great, thanks @thulasi.kumaran.

So what appears to be happening from my read of your screen shot is that you’re create a new record in a table each time you want to add data to an existing row.

There are a table record actions in the trigger editor, and depending on what’s happening in your app, you want to use LOAD RECORD or CREATE OR LOAD RECORD.

The way Tulip apps interact with tables is via RECORD PLACEHOLDERS, and all record placeholders are loaded into apps by their ID field. So what you want to make sure you’re doing is loading (once you’ve created a record) the record you’d like to update into the correct record placeholder, and then use DATA MANIPULATION > STORE to write the data you’d like to be in the table to the proper fields.

If this sounds a little confusing, no worries, we have a lot of resources on these concepts. Check out: