Transfer of data

Hello Tulip community,

I have been trying to transfer data from one table to another. When I try to run the trigger, sometimes it works and sometimes it shows an error message. I’m attaching the images here for your reference.

Is it a fault in my trigger ?
Any leads would be helpful.


hello @Krish, thanks for posting!!

you will need to ensure there’s a Record loaded in the Record Placeholder prior to doing a Data Manipulation.

this article: How To Modify Tables Within the App Editor | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps includes useful information. if you add an Action to Create or Create or Load a Record prior to the Actions you currently have, you’ll be able to do the Data Manipulations. could you let us know if this works for you??

Hello @gio ,

Is this how you wanted me to place the create or load command ?

If I do , so the values are getting stored in both the ID column and the Part no. column.

hello @Krish,

I would recommend moving the Create or Load Action to the very top of the Trigger, that way you can do the 1st Data Manipulation in the Trigger.

in the interim, can you confirm you’re no longer seeing the error message now??

regarding the value in the P05717, is there another value you’d like to store?? if so, you can modify the 3rd Action in your Trigger.

I will say that this new course in Tulip University that @John published covers a lot of useful topics to understand how manipulate data in Tables: Feature Deep-Dive: Tulip Tables | Tulip University.

Hello @gio

I moved the create or load record to the top but the problem still persists.

In the P05717, I want the value from the other table to store instead of in the ID column .